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I remember the first day of school every single year. I was a very good student, never a behavior problem and had good friends. Yet every single year, the night before school started I was up with a stomach ache. I worried I wasn't really ready or that I wouldn't be able to handle the workload. I worried I would miss the bus, forget my lunch or not remember how to buy milk. I worried my teacher would be mean or never let me go to the bathroom.

Toddler's fear can be overcome

Posted by: drmolly in fearanxiety on

Toddlers and preschoolers have all kinds of fears. Here's a concern from a reader on the subject:

Q: My first grandchild, a 13-month-old girl, is normally inquisitive and confident. However, she is afraid of the grandfather clock in our entrance/hallway. It's an open area and she passes through it often. I was not originally concerned but it's loud and strikes without warning (seemingly to her). Last week we were both near it when it chimed and

A year or so ago I attended a conference where complementary and alternative treatments were the focus. I learned a lot and have given advice to many families about how to integrate things like butterbur for migraines and guided imagery for needle anxiety reduction, but lately I have been using a technique at home with my kids for anxiety and stress reduction: meditation.

We have a lot of stresses at home at the moment and the kids are not immune

Let's face it, we all get a little nervous the first time we do something new and many parents even get a little anxious when their kids are doing something new.

Preschoolers often will be a little clingy and even weepy and openly nervous when they first start school and this is perfectly normal. Usually after successfully managing several days of the new situation, kids and parents have adjusted and anxiety dramatically lessens.